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Business CoachingAbout Dr. Sam

Dr. Sam has been a very renowned business and life coach. He is invited by several leading Fortune 500 companies as a speaker, coach, trainer, mentor to guide the C level and project level managers and professionals. He has made noteworthy contributions to the growth of corporations, leaders, Government projects, and International business.

He talks on project management, agile, strategy, change management, leadership; His favorite topic includes ‘Democratization of wall street driven shareholder wealth’ towards enhancing stakeholder wealth- employees, customers, and vendors to create long-lasting enterprise value and business transformation.

He has been a leading Project Management and Agile guru in America for decades. He is an active member of the prestigious agile alliance.

He wrote several articles and made presentations at the Agile Alliance conference.

At Scrum Alliance, he has been an active member for many years and written several articles, and hosted several sessions at the conference.

Dr. Sam has founded and has been moderating an Agile ASPF Meetup for the last 8 years.

At PMI he has been an active member for over a decade and has been Vice President of PMISV of the PMI Silicon Valley Chapter.