Sabla, Non -Profit venture:

Dr. Sam believes in giving back to the society and world at large in his next 20-30 years on the earth. He started a non-profit Dr.SamSwapn Foundation that has a project called “Sabla” to create awareness and contribute to the cause of bringing social justice, create an equal opportunity for all, and help build a peaceful world. He intends to achieve balanced growth and global happiness.

Taking the road ahead on the same, Dr. Sam started a Non Profit venture ‘Sabla’.

Sabla is a Hindi word that means ‘Strong and Capable’. True to its meaning Dr. Sam has this dream of making the underprivileged female students strong and capable to achieve their truest potential.

Sabla is committed to sponsoring complete education for small girls all over the world from five years of age till they become an adult. The word Sabla coined by him comes as an antidote from the word ‘Abla’- which means women who are deprived of power and prestige in a male-dominated society. ‘Sabla’ means an empowered and independent woman who can stand on her own. It is inspired by the philosophy of the MeToo movement in Corporate America to give equal rights to women.

He believes in a world where there is peace, equality, happiness, and everyone can pursue their dreams and become productive members of their respective societies and countries. He stands against militarization, hegemony, dictatorships, economic clout, corruption, power influence, nepotism and wants to create a merit-based global society.