Coaching and Education enterprise/ Professor:

Dr. Sam is the most reputed Professor and trainer in Silicon Valley. He is a Professor at Golden Gate University and Northwestern Polytechnic University for the last 12 years and has taught thousands of students in strategy, project management, agile, business analysis, data science, entrepreneurship, international business, finance, technology, fintech, green business, etc.

He is an Agile evangelist and an exemplary life coach globally. His teaching technique can be, characterized as interactive, engaging, thought-provoking, visual, and action-oriented. He has captured his coaching technique on his patent ‘Smarter Learner’s platform’.

His courses on Strategy, Project Management- Agile, Business Analysis, and the latest technologies like AI, Data Science, Blockchain are very well received. He is often invited as a guest lecturer and team coach by several multi-national companies in the Bay Area.